The Electrify America EV charging station at:

Walmart 1065 Hope - 2400 N Hervey St.

Operated by: Electrify America

Plugs: CCS1/Combo, CHADEMO

kW/h max: 350

$/kWh: $0.64

Food Restaurants and Fast-Food nearby

Info What's around Walmart 1065 Hope

Yes, I can describe the surrounding businesses and shops in plain English. Here are some of them:

1. A restaurant offering a variety of dishes, suitable for families and friends to enjoy together.
2. A bookstore featuring a wide selection of books, both new and used, as well as other reading materials and stationery items.
3. A clothing store that offers the latest fashion trends, catering to customers with different tastes and budgets.
4. A fitness center where people can work out, attend classes, or use sports facilities such as swimming pools and courts for various sports.
5. A supermarket that provides groceries, household items, and other daily necessities for the local community.
6. A hair salon where customers can get haircuts, styling, coloring, and other beauty treatments.
7. A pharmacy offering a range of medications, health and beauty products, as well as providing healthcare advice and services.